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A new dermalfiller! Haohai Biological Technology launches a new high-end hyaluronic acid product “Hyalumatrix”

On August 7, Haohai Biological Technology held a launch ceremony for its new high-end dermalfiller product “Hyalumatrix” in Shanghai, involving nearly 200 academic and clinical experts and representatives of medical aesthetics institutions. This is another dermalfillerproduct developed and produced by Haohai Biological Technology after “Matrifill” and “Janlane”.


Photo: the launch ceremony for a new product of medical aesthetics from Haohai Biological Technology


Prof. Li Shirong, standing director and China President of Pan Pacific Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and President of China Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech upon invitation, raising the curtain for the ceremony. He said that the three products from “Matrifill” to “Jalane” and then to “Hyalumatrix” all had undergone a large number of clinical trials for a long time and each has its benefits, forming a three-part package. He said the influence and appeal of homemade hyaluronic acid brands are rising rapidly, expecting Haohai Biological Technology to become a leading player in China’s medical aesthetics market and wishing the launch ceremony a complete success.


Photo: Prof. Li Shirong delivers a speech for the ceremony


Currently, “Hyalumatrix” was approved by the National Medical Products Administration for registration this March with no vendors yet filing for the same type of linear non-granular products or any approved homemade generics manufacturers on the markets, and the product is one of the few high-end dermalfiller products among the homemade brands so far.


Photo: the hyaluronic acid “Hyalumatrix” from Haohai Biological Technology


Innovative “5G black technology” leads the tidal waves of medical aesthetics consumption


“Hyalumatrix” is made using the non-granular cross-linking technology, with which the cross-linked sodium hyaluronate is made to have non-granular structure whether in naked eyes or under microscope, hence known as “5G black technology” product.


According to Wu Jianying, generalmanager of Haohai Biological Technology, non-granular structure can not only bring the characteristic of high cohesion but also mitigate the biodegradation of hyaluronic acid, thus sustaining the injection effects longer, up to 18 months. Meanwhile, the non-granular structure of “Hyalumatrix” can prevent generation of biological membrane, thus reducing the incidence of adverse reaction and greatly improving the product safety.


Photo: Wu Jianying, generalmanager of Haohai Biological Technology


Functionally, “Hyalumatrix” is best known for its function of “precise adjustment”, and the marketing of this product will also achieve complementation of advantages with the hyaluronic acid products “Matrifill” and “Janlane” already marketed by the company as “shaping supporter” and “soft filler” respectively in terms of product features, efficacy and target population, thus forming the combined effect of medical aesthetics and meeting the differentiated and diversified market demand for medical aesthetics.


Based on the continuous insights into the market demand for medical aesthetics, also launched together with “Hyalumatrix” was the “sub-unit precise embellishment” facial aesthetic design solution designed by Haohai Biological Technology in partnership with numerous industry experts that is more suitable for oriental aesthetics.


Gurus of medical aesthetics gather for a dialogue on the development of medical aesthetics industry


At the launch ceremony, Wu Jianying also invited the Vice President of China Chapter of Pan Pacific Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Prof. Jiang Hua, Vice Chairman of Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetology Branch of the Chinese Medical Association Prof. Song Jianxing, Chairman of UBS Securities Qian Yujun, Chairman of AIH Zhou Pengwu, Chairman of AIST Group Wei Yong, Chairman of One and Only Group Wei Guohua, Chairman and CEO of Spring Talk Medical Cosmetology Group Li Xiaoning, Chairman of Yamei Group Xiao Zhenggang and other gurus from academia, clinical circles and medical aesthetics institutions to jointly explore the future direction of the medical aesthetics industry.


When speaking of how to promote the development of domestic medical aesthetics industry, Wu Jianying frankly said that China’s medical aesthetics industry is still young. On this market that is still at the initial phase of development, working together in the industry is even more important. To drive the entire medical aesthetics industry chain forward, upstream companies, public hospitals, private medical groups and the downstream of the industry chain should form combined effects. For upstream manufacturers, they are expected to be more innovative in interaction among industry, academia, researcher and users to provide high-quality products, services, training and product portfolio solutions and meet the differentiated and diversified consumer needs for beautification. Public hospitals and private medical groups should return to the essence of medical services and take part in R&D and transformation of the upstream industries. At the downstream of the industry chain, medical aesthetics and life cosmetology should be integrated and supplemented with each other for coordinated development.


Prof. Jiang Hua noted that iconic companies that can represent the medical aesthetics industry in the future have the following characteristics: first, having strong R&D capabilities and seeking innovation instead of merely imitating; second, working closely with Chinese physicians to allow Chinese physicians to achieve extensive and correct use and promotion; third, the support of powerful capital strength, given the fact that enormous capital input is required for longtime R&D and innovation.


With respect to the impact of COVID-19 on the medical aesthetics industry, Chairman of Spring Talk Li Xiaoning said that the pandemic has caused a considerable impact on the industry but also poses a tremendous opportunity such that substandard companies will be eliminated in the pandemic and consumers have higher requirements for confidence in big brands.


For well-established medical aesthetics markets such as the European and American ones, hyaluronic acid has been on the markets for 20-odd years with clear product efficacy and has become the most classic micro-plastic surgery product with Botox, still maintaining momentums of steady growth over the past years. The reasons are twofold. On the one hand, sodium hyaluronate is a substance naturally existing inside human bodies and distributed in cytoplasm and intercellular substance, playing a lubricating role for the cells and cellular organs contained in them; on the other hand, sodium hyaluronate is biodegradable inside human body, safe and reversible. According to statistics, the number of sodium hyaluronate surgeries done in the US rose from 0.778 million cases in 2006 to 2.129 million cases in 2018, a rise of 173.5%.


In the future, Haohai Biological Technology will also make medical aesthetics one of its strong suits through both in-house R&D and M&As to contribute to the development of China’s medical aesthetics industry.


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